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Welcome Friends and Visitors Monday March 24 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahoj. Hello. Hola. Cheers. Salut. Ciao. Ola. Oi. Oki.

For Monday I will be Live Online for U around your 4:00 AM CDT Time USA .

Today is my free day from gym finaly:-)) It Easter here today cuz we celebrate it in Monday so I have to visit my grandparents and rest of my family. ))My evening schedule will try my best to be Live Online for U lets say around your 3:00 to 4:00 PM CDT Time USA so hope I will see u there :-))

WE CELEBRATE EASTER HERE TODAY :-)) So I do have to visit my grandparents ....and act a good boy heh

I also want thanks all friends who came yesterday to wish me Happy Birthday , but bit sad about it how many fans told they would come and didn't showed:-((

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I thank You for Your Time , Patience And Continue Support Cooperation and Understanding with me :]

Oki From the Loving City Of Brno Czech Republic :]
We the Love Generation Send and Endless Wave of Loving Peaceful Thoughts all around the World Please do the same where ever you are reading blog from. We need less Wars and more Peace Love and Understanding :] I thank you much for it:]
To Everyday Practice and Teach ..RESPECT... TOLERANCE... AND.. COMPASSION Toward all others And Not Forget To Share this basic human Principles with you Friends and Love ones too .:]
Thank Your for your Time And Continue Support :]
Please share Blogsite with your Friends. I thank you :] I will Update blog later in my day if possible and or need it oki :]
I wish you a Fantastic Monday and Enjoy it too what ever you do :]

Cau cau for now Kisses Stef...:]


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