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Welcome Friends And Visitors Monday November 20 2006.

Monday, November 20, 2006
Ahoj. Hello. Salut. Hola. Kisses and thank you all for your continue visits and support here in blogsite and at F4F.com .So Schedule for Monday planning to be live online for you :] I will try again hum lets say BTW your 4:30p.m. CST Time USA and 5:30 p.m. CST time USA. Just click here and will let you know if I am Online live always at f4f.com . Please if you plan in becoming VIP Member or just want to check f4f.com site out for a free tour please click here this link will take you directly to VIP page and free tour to check site out and you can upgrade then if you like :] Oki thank you. I will update post later if any changes. Now I am going to work out in gym then I have practice run for Modeling Job here in brno...:]~~~~ for this coming Saturday and have to try somethings on ?don't really know what I am modeling but will be wearing something..lol..:]~~~~ will tell you as I find out hum so after this don't know how long that will take will go to play a little Basketball maybe ? and then back to flat refresh if I have time for a little nap then I will be back live on line for you and please come see me...:] light my fire and good chat better than free wankers and I wake up very horny today so looking for some fun time and my toy is horny too hehe:] we both ready for some very Hot action so guys come light my fire lets have some fun I aim to please always you can have me do soft tugs of my niples..hand cuff me do something lol .... well lil stef always ready to please too.***** I did reply to prior post bellow \/ *****comments on this post I will do in next post unless I post another picture later on my day...:] okie well I have my friend waiting for me to pick him up and go to gym and so I must end post for now.. but will do comments later. and alwasys lates news about me here at blogsite oki Thank you all for your continue support and cooperation here at blog and f4f.com and at my online webstore... I wish all of you a Fantastic Monday cau cau for now Sweet kisses Stef....:]

******** update ***** I get home.. a little late... and I have corrected schedule . I will try my best to be Live on line for you..btws new hours if not I will do Update again try to let you know about it here always latest news about me oki thank you for your understanding and Cooperation .

cau cau for now Stef:]~~~~


Live Guys on Webcam

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Welcome Friends And Visitors Sunday November 19 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006
Ahoj . Hello . Salut. Hola. Oki I am little late posting but did not know it for sure so now I do..:] lol what I know ? Well. first I Wish you all a Great Sunday and Enjoy it hope with me :] . I will tell now only about my Working Shedule at F4F.com. Catch me if you can lolol...I will start let say BTW your 4:00 p.m CST and 5:00p.m CST time USA just click here and will let you know when I am LIVE Online for you at f4f.com and please if you plan in becoming or want to check site out you can click here and will take to you to VIP member page. to check it out and some free tour of site and you can upgrade then if you like :] . Oki Thank you much I will reply to comments later and if any changes I will update post I have new toys for you and I to play with and I am very ready to have some fun time in PVRTS so Come light my fire hehe and let have some hot fun :]~~~~~~~ okie look foward to it . I thank you for your Continue support and cooperation Thank you Again to all who voted for me in Gaybloggies too. Okie CAu cau for now Kisses Stef....:]
Okie I will use this post to reply to comments ***** Pay attention **** lol
Humm so I read lots of request for me tied up and bound Really :] ? well if you send me email and you want in pvt sure I will do . Picture. ? not sure lol have to be fast to give timer enouhg time. I think about it oki.
SUPERMANQUAELER : hehe what a long Nic lol... Welcome to blog thank for your comment and is under consideration okie chains ? Photossesion ? will see.oki.. have a great day :]
JOSH :] Hello my friend Yes, Hope you had some fun with your friends. I see you write me two comments thank you much. Yes I went out Saturday to birthday party but did not drink much cause I was designated driver. so but still party was lots of fun and aclose friend so we all had a great time thank you for asking. weekend was good get haircut and did some work in other proyect keep busy always try to use my time produtively..hehhe Police hum they get already lolol too late :]but thank you for warning...jk:] So thank you too for your nice complements glad you like them well I am sure you could sounds like fun hheh laces and ribons have a great day my friend and lots of hugs and kisses for you :]
AMADEUS :] hehe I not tell you lol... Hello My Friend . Thank you much for your visits and continue support here at blogsite and at f4f.com and at my online webstore know that is much appreciated and you know I care much for you my friend.. Thank you for you nice complement and comments wish you a great day and hugs and muah x 100.00 for you :]
WSUNTREE:] hehe Welcome back my friedn you were missed : thank you for nice complements hum well i did not enter contest dont know how or who mominated me but was nice to win . I am still demanidng a recpunt for best smile lolol. No really I was very humble and honor by gaybloggies win :] You had family visit you that is great sound like you enjoy visit I have one sister too. hehe see my bad boy is back ice cubes brrrr is cold here now but always hot in my room.lol maybe try the candle wax :]~~~~ Glad for yor complements and happy for yor comments thank you m,uch my friedn hugs and kisses for you :]
DANNY :] hehe Yes, well one has too every now and then or not fair for evryone Party was mighty fine. You know I don't drink much or often anyways so I have a lots of fun at Birthday party.hehe. Congratulations happy to read you win your tennis games Danny lol yes better luck nect time Czech players we are very competative I think in a lots of sport for not beng a big country. Thank you for your complements and your comment have a great Monday Danny :]
LUIS .: Welcome to blog . Yes it is my personal toothbrush. you want more details or any othe items just write me email at my online Webstore and will reply you there too. you are very welcome I will personaly shipped and signed items if you so requested :] thank you for your comment Luis and have a great day:].
STEVEN:] My shy friend see what you done lol . Yes, I think you are coming out of your shynes come on and you prvt me and you can i have handcuffs and rope you can write it and I gladly do for you :]lol would not dream of doing it unless there was trust in btw yes you are right about that but at flirt is I only and at pvtr request so I do myself :] I too hope to see you at f4f.com take care my friend and have a great day :]
SIRYELLOW hehe thank you welcome back was nice time tonight thank you very much I appreciated it much:] had fun too I enjoy much our time together :] Yes I look everyday of course I know counter and areas of hits counter provides me with lots of information and also times I see greatest hits per hours during time of day and also look at daily and weekly charts too..Hum dont know have so much email i am really behind on replys and need too really but no I di not spot any yet for modeling :[lol Golem is a fairytale :] The simpson...lol I know of show ahhh you did not see be carefull what you wish for :] Come to me SirYellow lolol and here all this time I thought you were busy bee bzzzzzzz putting together your p.c.. So what you been doing collecting the pieces lol your friend help you now to put P.C together.So You will do faster. Well I had great Sunday and now I wish you a great Monday and look foward to comments from you always and thank you for them and your complements too my teacher :] joking Yes, back at you lost of postive loving thoughts for you and around the world hope the same:] and Big Strong Hugs and Lots of Sweet kisses for you my friend take good care :]
JONXXX:] Welcome to blog .Party in The U.K....Think will be a bit far out of the way lol for Saturday night. but Hello and how are you today Jonxxx? :] happy to read your comment Blush thank you for your nice complement and comment and look foward to more. photoshoot write me email if is serious offer. Doing modeling shoot soon.:] take care and have a great day jonxxx:]
PSIBERTOP :] Hello My friedn glad to have you back you were missed.:] lol thank you for your complenetst blushing well you know I dont know names and dont even measure I do workouts cause enjoy them and is fun for me I try not to over do it and I do other sports too like soccer not now but I like basketball a lot and jogging I do this often lol lil stef had bondage think was friday but prvt was cut short by tech problem pvtr had not me so bleee. and you forget the essentials is no good you must be spank for this pow pow pow. those are for you lolol. hum thank you again yes I understand glad you think so:] my friend have a great Monday and thank you for your complements and comments..Take good care my friend:]
ANONYMOUS :] Hello yes I get your 3 request but first you must come up with a name andmake request again and come by to visit me at f4f.com :]
MUTLEYTHEDOG:] Welcome to blog .: ] well glad for your comment but no sorry ...lol dont even know you and already wnat to sty with me lol Bert my dog would not alowed it lol joking have a great day and thnk you for comment :]
IPIKSTEF :] Brian hello was wandering who start comment with mmmmm lol you are quite the fantasy story teller lol but you know I like my bad boys so good to read a bit overboard not the head board lol..Brian well party done and you miss it and I see you left big mess lol again and again :] canadian c..... hum dont know you are a bit wild today you didn't come to see me :] okie my friend take care lots of hugs and kisses for you have a great Monday Brian.:]
Thank you all for your continue support. Always lates news about me here and schedules so check Blog often please:]
Not forget to TEACH ..AND. PRACTICE .... Respect ... Tolerance.. And Compassion towards Others . and Share this principles with your friends and loves too.
Always let the people you Care and Love know it not just with spoken word but with Loving Gestures.:] Oki.
Remenber too to make a little time for yourself anf clear your mind of all negative thoughts fill with loving and peaceful thought be still and calm..:] it is my path to Harmony of mind ,body and soul.
Now from the loving City of Brno.. Czech Republic..
We the Love Generation Send an Endless Wave of Loving peaceful thought all aropund the worlkd... please do the same wherever you are reading blog from. I thank you much for your cooperation, understanding and continue Support wish for you all.
A Fantastic Monday:] Cau cau for now Sweet Kisses Stef...:]~~~

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