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LOL hehe hey I forget to cut my hair lol Welcome to my blog Wednesday May 24 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
hehe you guys know there be more picks but really this is my Family dog Bert . I have to fight him quite often he likes the humpin on me a bit much .. just kidding I love him dearly he is good dog. okie next post sure you not much interest in my family dog lol... woof woof Cau cau for now stef.. Posted by Picasa

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Welcome to my blog :]~~~

Friday, May 12, 2006
hehehe , thank you guys . hope you enjoy picture and I am going out now to enjoy the rest of the day . Alexxx Thank you for your email no you did not scare me. You look fine :] take care of your injuries... like always Any more news i will post here for you guys . Hugs and Kisses Cau cau for now Stef.... Posted by Picasa

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Welcome Sunday May 7 2006

Sunday, May 7, 2006
Ahoj (hello) for new visitors . a Very warm welcome to all. Dont have any news yet foy you but after this post i will take a shower get a picture for you guys there I wil try to get a little some more news after so keep comingback. to blog..hum who want my t-shirt is a bit sweaty but smels like roses lol joking I hope yu guys are enjoying Sunday it was a very nice day here in brno..:] I did play today and give you result im my last posting with lates update :] keep guesing:] ~~~ ufff i need to shower now so pa pa=
bye bye too for now Stef :]~` Posted by Picasa

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