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This A Big Smile For You Guys Thank You :]

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Okie , Today I will try to rest a little but have to do some work grrrrr .I went Out last night with some friends was Saturday night but I was very good Boy ....:] ~~ I think If I remember correctly just kidding .. Stef :]
***** Update*****
We are Sorry for the Internet Connection Problem . But not much we could do . Please Check Schedule for this coming week they are a bit slow in posting them. But Check WWW.Flirt4Free.com. For our models Bao, DeAngelo, Giovany, Jarett and Wycliff and You guys know Friday is my return date will inform as I know my schedule ... Please keep coming back to Blog. I will try to do more postings later on and any News I will post here for you guys .. Cau cau Stef.. Posted by Picasa

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My best Friend Luvda and I enjoy Some Drinks

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Well , almost getting there with smile hmm . Yes this is my friend and my roomate Luvda We know each other since we are kids. I don't have a Brother but he means to me more than a brother Luvda is a great friend To me and I love him very much for his continue loyal friendship...:]
Thank you guys for your continue support to New Visitors and my friends always a Warm Welcome to our Blog..:]~~there are a few posting in this blog and check them out Wycliff works later this evening make sure you Give him a visit his schedule is on Iteractive links on right side of blog. Always here you will all get latest news on me and my friends ..have a great day not forget to leave me comment I love to read them... :] Cau cau Stef Posted by Picasa

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Okie I am trying and getting closer to smiling with eyes open

Friday, April 21, 2006
But hope , Gar and many others thank you for all the loving thoughts in comment and emails, I hope this picture brightens up your day a litlle I will get there...will try to post again a little later today.... I am working in my new pics out posing routines of my work outs and hope Squash games playing photos. I had lots of request for this. kisses to all my friend and thank you for your continue support comments just keep getting better Hugs kisses to all my friends thank you for your continue support .Stef.. Posted by Picasa

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OKie I know. I forget to Open My eyes lol :]~~~but you see my nice tongue lol....

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Here is latest Picture of me and my friend having hmmm a very good time This Last weekend. Gar I know you Wanted me Smiling So I hope this Pics Brings a smile to you too. I promess next piture I am smiling with eyes open But. To see it you will have to come back to my blog many times today . .hehehe Kiss to all have a nice day.. Please keep comming back to Our Blog and keep telling your friends about it. The more the better :] Thank you .. Today is
school day.. And after, I will do some work in Studio, and then I will jog and Go to Gym with Wycliff... So I will not post until maybe if enough Sweet comments and plenty visits to our Blog . Before I go to bed . I will post my piture with a big smile for you ...:] Thank you again. Kisses Gar :] and the rest of my friends that keep comming back to Blog Daily that include also ScottMarco, Amadeus, John,Will, Tim.Ken.... if i forget someone forgive me .... thanks for sweet comments in post and your visits. cau cau Stef.... Posted by Picasa

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